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Julie Pauwels

Doctorante CIFRE MNHN - Airele

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Équipe(s) : Doctorants BEC

Statut professionnel : Doctorant

  • Ecological Modeling

Recherche fondamentale et appliquée.

Thèmes de recherche

For my phD I'm studying the impact of light pollution on bats and how those impacts can be reduced. As my work is meant to be applied, I'm co-supervised by researchers from the CESCO, Isabelle Le Viol and Christian Kerbiriou, and the head of the biodiversity department from a firm of environmental consultant (Airele), Nicolat Valet.

The main issues I address with my work are :

- How can we  represent  ecological corridors for nocturnal species, i.e. how to take into account the light pollution ? And how can we determine which part of those corridors are of prior concern in terms of conservation ?

- Which parameters of street lighting are the most relevant when considering there impact on bats ? Can we define thresholds for those parameters and implement recommendations for a more bat-friendly lighting ?

- Can we define a global strategy to limit the ecological impacts of artificial light at night at a large scale ?

Autres missions

Diffusion de la connaissance

Participation to national and international conferences

Posters :

  • Pauwels J., Le Viol I., Laforge A., Coulon A., Julien J-F, Valet N., Azam C., Bas Y., Kerbiriou C. (2016) Ecological corridors in urban landscapes : the impact of artificial light on the movements of bats. 4th Artificial Light at Night Conference. Cluj (Romania)
  • Pauwels J., Le Viol I., Azam C, Coulon A., Kerbiriou C (2016) Les pipistrelles de la Ville Lumière : modélisation de la connectivité nocturne à Paris. 16e Rencontres Nationales Chauves-Souris de la SFEPMBourges (France).

Oral communication :

  • Pauwels J., Le Viol I., Laforge A., Coulon A., Julien J-F, Valet N., Azam C., Bas Y., Kerbiriou C. (2016) Dark corridors : accounting for light pollution in connectivity modeling for urban bats. 17th International Bat Research Conference. Durban (South Africa).



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