• KERBIRIOU Christian , AZAM Clémentine , TOUROULT julien, MARMET Julie , JULIEN Jean-François , PELLISSIER Vincent (2018) Common bats are more abundant within Natura 2000 areas, Biological Conservation 217, 66-74
  • AZAM Clémentine , LE VIOL Isabelle , JULIEN Jean-François , BAS Yves , KERBIRIOU Christian (2016) Disentangling the relative effect of light pollution, impervious surfaces and intensive agriculture on bat activity with a national-scale monitoring program. Landscape Ecology. DOI: 10.1007/s10980-016-0417-3 Context: Light pollution is a global change affecting a major proportion of global land surface. Although the impacts of Artificial Light At Night (ALAN) have been documented locally for many taxa, the extent of effect of ALAN at a landscape scale on biodiversity is unknown.Objectives: We characterized the landscape-scale impacts of ALAN on 4 insectivorous bat speciesPipistrellus pipistr[...]
  • AZAM Clémentine , KERBIRIOU Christian , VERNET Arthur, JULIEN Jean-François , BAS Yves , PLICHARD Laura, MARATRAT Julie, LE VIOL Isabelle (2015) Is part-night lighting an effective measure to limit the impacts of artificial lighting on bats? Global Change Biology In press DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13036 As light pollution is currently considered to be a major threat to biodiversity, different lighting management options are being explored to mitigate the impact of artificial lighting on wildlife. Although part-night lighting schemes have been adopted by many local authorities across Europe to reduce the carbon footprint and save energy, their effects on biodiversity are unknown. Through a paired,[...]
  • FONDERFLICK Jocelyn, AZAM Clémentine , BROCHIER Clarisse, CAUSSON Emmanuel, QUEKENBORN Delphine (2015) Testing the relevance of using spatial modeling to predict foraging habitat suitability around bat maternity: A case study in a Mediterranean landscape. Biological Conservation.192:120-129. Habitat suitability models (HSMs) have so far been used mainly to study broad-scale patterns of species distribution based on environmental variables; however, they can also be applied to address conservation needs at finer scales. In this study, we evaluated the feasibility of using HSMs based on presence-only data to predict bat foraging habitat suitability around maternity roosts using radio-tr[...]


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