• LE GROS Ariane , Sarah Samadi, Dario Zuccon, Raphaël Cornette, Michael P. Braun, Juan-Carlos Senar, CLERGEAU Philippe (2016) Rapid morphological changes, admixture and invasive success in populations of Ring-necked parakeets (Psittacula krameri) established in Europe. Biological Invasions, in press. The Ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri), native of Asia and Africa, is a very successful invasive species in Europe: it has been present there for over 50 years. A recent study showed that European invasive populations occupy a colder climatic niche than in their native range but the establishment of this tropical species in temperate regions remains unexplained. Two main hypotheses may expl[...]
  • Antonia Liess, LE GROS Ariane , Anika Wegenhoff, Colin R. Townsend, Christoph D. Matthaei (2012) Landuse intensity in stream catchments affects the benthic food web: consequences for nutrient supply, periphyton C:nutrient ratios, and invertebrate richness and abundance. Freshwater Science, 31(3):813-824. Anthropogenic nutrient enrichment increases the supply ratio of N and P to aquatic ecosystems and can affect the identity of the limiting nutrient. Here we focus on how stream communities change along gradients of N and P supply and stream catchment landuse intensity. We used a survey approach in 41 southern New Zealand tributaries to investigate how much changes in water N and P concentrations ar[...]
  • LE GROS Ariane , Christine M. Stracey, Scott K. Robinson (2011) Associations between Northern mockingbirds and the parasite Philornis porteri in relation to urbanization. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 123(4):788-796. We investigated associations between Northern Mockingbirds (Mimus polyglottos) and the nest parasite Philornis porteri (Diptera: Muscidae), and how they vary with urbanization in northcentral Florida. Our goal was to ascertain if the ‘parasite-release’ hypothesis could contribute to high reproductive success of Northern Mockingbirds in urban areas. We collected 26 nests in 2007 and 73 in 2008 [...]


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