Bat activity in intensively farmed landscapes with wind turbines and offset measures. Ecological Engineering, 75: 250-257

Compensation measures are needed to counteract some of the negative impacts of wind energy facilities on bat populations. To advise developers, we studied farming landscapes and compared bat activity at
impacted sites (crops with wind turbines), sites without compensation measures (crops) and a set of sites with potential compensation measures: fallows, hedgerows, bushes, grass strips, and grass strips with
bushes. Each site type was sampled twice in 2013, once during the reproductive period and once during the migratory period. Each sample consisted of at least eight nights of ultra-sound recordings. Bat species
were separated into three groups: Pipistrellus sp., Eptesicus-Nyctalus sp. and Plecotus-Myotis sp. The results demonstrated that the three groups responded differently to the different potential compensation
measures and that responses were season-dependent. These results lead to further questions regarding strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of wind farms.

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